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New Room.

Hey guys! Since this is my first post I would like to share my new room with you all. When I first moved here the room felt empty but little bit of touch up and Voila! The HUGE plant and tapestry really gives the look I want. Im planning on adding way more decor and once in a while I will be changing the theme of it. room 33IMG_0778IMG_0777



Hey guys! Hope you all feeling great. For today post I wanted to show one of my latest shirts I got (No I didnt do it myself) I was walking around the store and I saw this super cute shirt hanging there. I LOVE the little hanging pompons i think that was the only reason why i got it, it gives a great summer look. you can get this shirt at winners. Just seeing things like that inspire me to make my own design.  what is  your favourite type of clothing?